SWS El Duc

like El Duc, are not a dime a dozen, although some breeders think so. Only one colt in a hundred should be a breeding stallion.  Any breeder, that has as many stallions for sale as he does geldings either doesn't’t know a good horse or is one of those dying breed of men known as “Horse Traders”  Kiger Mustangs are a rare breed most breeders won’t produce a hundred Kiger Mustangs in their life time so when a true Breeding stallion becomes available, he is a treasure.

SWS we have produced many fine colts, you can find them on our gelding page where they should be. SWS has offered only two stallion prospects for sale in twenty years. one is listed below  available for the 2009 season.

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SWS Durango

SWS Durango

Is 100% Kiger Mustang out of foundation stock.  He is four years old and under saddle.  He has exceptional  genetics and marking.  brio and yet I would not hesitate a moment to put my four year old grandson on him.  He is flawless.

$6500.00 SOLD

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