SWS Spotlight Videos

The Kiger Mustang along with forty six other wild herds were genetically tested for Spanish genes, ONLY in the Kiger herd, did they find the A3 gene cluster, which is predominate in the genetic profile of the Portugalís Lusatanos.

We invite you to view the following three videos.


1. The first is of SpringWater Station’s
stallion El Duc.

Please click the arrow button above to begin the video.

2. The second is of a Lusatano stallion from Portugal.

Lusatano Stallion:

3. And third, is an absolutely amazing video of Lusatano stallions fighting the bulls. Please see past the piking of the bulls and watch the unbelievable footwork and agility of these horses.

Merlin Dances with the Bulls:

Then, if you have a moment, go to our link page and link to a sister site in Portugal.

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