The Crown Jewel of Oregon's high desert" Steens Mountain" a refuge of deep grass and
crystal clear water surrounded by thousand square miles of impassable desert.

It's a hundred miles to McDermitt, a cowboy town of sixty families, originally a cavalry station named for Colonel McDermitt who was killed in a scuffle with local Indians.

It's sixty miles to Rattlesnake Creek.

Kiger Gorge. Runs south to north, it rises 4000 feet from the desert below to its headwall at 9300 feet above the canyon floor. Come join us on the . . .

the Steen Mountains
home of the
Kiger Mustang.



The ecosystem changes
as we climb in elevation.



Vegetation at 6504 feet elevation.

Aspen trees at 7493 feet elevation...
“Whore House Meadows”.

It is Here that the Kiger Mustangs Run Free.

Mesteno and mares.

Small herd of Kigers.


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