The Kiger Mustang

The Kiger Mustang and Its Ancestry


  • They show remarkable intelligence and endurance, as nature is the best breeder of tough, surefooted endurance horses.

  • Progenitors of modern mustang

  • Buckskin or Dun is interchangeable

  • The Kiger: spirit, fire, nimble, and vigilant are his trademark. The Kiger is fearless and bold; he rarely rebels.

  • Hardy hooves that for the most part do not need shoes.

  • Grullo(pronounced “grew-yo”)

  • The Indian, the mountain man and the vaquero through all the glories of their careers.

  • Forged in the furnace of nature, where only the smart. The strong and fit survive

  • Spanish influence was strong in the American southwest with expeditions of Spanish explorers, priests and conquistadors.

[ The Origins of the Kiger Mustang ]

In 1977 Ron Harding of the BLM discovered a herd of mustangs that looked to be of pure Spanish descent in the rugged and remote Beaty Butte in southeastern Oregon. All the horses in the herd were some shade of Dun ranging from buckskin to claybank and Grullo. All had the dorsal stripes and zebra stripping on their legs.  The classic barb head was there.  For four hundred years they had inhabited the remote and rugged desert of southeastern Oregon undetected and unchanged.  The BLM immediately began to take steps to protect this national treasure. These horses are so much alike it is difficult to distinguish one from another.

The Kiger the original Spanish-American mustang(some times called Spanish Barb a term coined in United States) has more cow sense, herding instinct and endurance than any other horse breed and was the foundation stock for the American Quarter horse.  The Spanish –American mustang (The Kiger) were used to gather millions of wild longhorn cattle off the Texas range in the 19th century.  A breed of men rode these horses, as wild as the longhorn and as tough as the Kiger, The Kiger Mustang swam every river from Texas to Canada, enduring stampedes, tornadoes, hailstorms and freezing blizzards.  They did it all while foraging on grass and brush without grain.  They came through it with their heads up and their eyes alert and ready. No other breed of horse could done it. have accomplished what the Kiger Mustang did.

The Kiger is very intelligent, and learns extremely fast noted for its stamina and toughness both in fact and legend.  Their eyes sight is more acute with a great sense of direction With modern feeds and good care imagine what the Kiger will do in the 21st century.

Blood tests done at the University of Kentucky has found genetic

Marking in   and clearly evident tying  the Kiger to the Spanish horses ridden by early Spanish Explorers (the Andalusian, Sorraia). These marking are not found in any other horse breeds.

By the later part of the 19th century, most purebred Spanish American horses had been reduced to near extinction by crossbreeding, and extermination by rangers who viewed them as compition for much coveted grass for cattle.

The disposition of the Kiger displays a unique combination of hot blooded Spanish temperament, combined with a gentle calm willingness to please. Stallions are easily managed and well mannered with a royal bearing. “ The fire Within”

The Kiger mature slowly and has a long, and useful life-span.  Broodmares continue to produce well into their mid and late twenties.  It is not uncommon to find Kigers in their mid twenties with the appearance, action, and ability of an eight year old. They are easy keepers, thriving on grass alone even under working conditions.

Population Status: Rare

Average Height 14-16 hands

They have been culled by nature, the most critical judge of all .  Fired in the crucible of war and conquest and molded by the necessity of survival.

Let The Living Legend Carry You Away

Centuries ago, the conquistadors sailed to the New World with horses. Since the day this rugged steed set foot on the rocky soil of America, it has remained a legend. The Spanish-American Mustang strong and steadfast and naturally five-gaited, the american mustang is powerful enough for a men, gently enough for children and a dream to ride.

The Kiger Mustang and the American Paint Mustang, the most promising endurance horse in the world today has once again become available for endurance eventing. This year for the first time in a hundred years the Kiger and the Paint have set their hoofs the endurance trail. We have horses running this year in endurance races in Arizona and the Pacific Northwest. To try one for you re self-Contact SpringWater Station Kigers for our sales list.

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