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Is 100% Kiger Mustang out of El Duc our foundation stallion. He is five years old and under saddle.

He has been competed in endurance in the 2008 season. He responds flawless to command yet has brio so best suited for intermediate rider.
$4500.00 SOLD


Battery on ranch truck needed replacing so we are training in the round pen today.

Northwind Is bred for endurance. He is a cross between our best endurance trained kiger mare and, Karbon Kopy,  considered one of the top Arabian Endurance  stallion, in the world.  He will finish over 16 hands and may be unbeatable on the endurance circuit, time will tell.  The unshakeable mind and soundness of a kiger mustang combined with the stamina and of a top arab. Training until sold for the 2009 endurance season.
$6500.00 SOLD

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